Business Intelligence

“Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process that should be divided into querying, reporting, online analytical processing, alerts, and business analytics.”

Thomas Davenport,
President’s Distinguished Professor in Information Technology and Management, Babson College.


ESROM BI offers the most up to date access to your data-driven business intelligence analytics. Leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI, we can change the way your data speaks to you.

Monitor revenue, year-over-year profit and expenses, visits and appointments, and more.

Find where your business is, and take it to where it isn’t.

What We Can Provide

  • Automated SQL queries to your data host
  • Data extraction, transfer, and load scripts
  • Data sanitization and formatting
  • Grouping of individual datasets into one
  • Private, organizationally accessible dashboards
  • Scheduled refreshes on data visualizations & dashboards

We know how annoying it can be to be using EHRs and EMRs that are just a bit too difficult to get easy, accessible reports out of.

We know how much time is taken out of an office manager’s week clicking through reports, and filling out fields. And, that’s without waiting for the report to actually compile, before you realize you made a mistake and need to run it once more.

So, leave the reporting to us.

Whether your data is hosted on-premises, or in the cloud, we use Python scripts to connect directly to your data wherever it may be, and run queries unimpeded by mouse-clicks and lag.

Least-privilege datasets are created comprised of just the data we need to create in-depth visualizations that refresh automatically, in scheduled intervals.

Our Work